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In the years I've been traveling I've learned a few things while out on the road. Most of these will seem like common sense things (if you're a common person), but to an uncommon sock monkey, I had to learn as I went. So here are a few Socko Was HereTravel Tips to help you in your travels.
1)  Take a photo of where you park your car at the airport or parking lot. As soon as I hop out of the car at the airport I snap a photo with my smart phone of the sign nearest where I parked. After a few days of hard travel it is easy to forget where I parked (and once I wrote it down wrong). This also works well at amusement parks and at other travel destinations.
2)  Pack as light as possible. I know every monkey says to pack light, but it just makes sense. By doing so while traveling through an airport you can carry on your bag saving at least $25 and when you arrive at your destination you don't have to wait at the baggage claim for your bag. You save time and money.
3)  Get AAA to save money and in case of an emergency. An annual membership costs about $50, but if you stay at more than two hotels during the year, you'll get your money back in savings. The card also saves money on entrance fees to museums and amusement parks as well as at restaurants. And if you ever forget to turn off your headlights over-night, AAA will jump your car for free.
4)  Protect yourself against bed bugs. Bed bugs are making a resurgence around the world and you don't want to take the little critters home with you. When staying in a hotel place your luggage on a hard surface (not on the bed), when you get home immediately wash your clothes, and after unpacking store your luggage in the garage.
5)  Preparation is the key to a great trip. Plan out ahead of time your hotels (this will save money), the places you want to see, how much you want to spend, and roughly how long you want to spend at each location. By doing research you will enjoy the trip more and you won't miss anything important along the way.
6)  The flip side of preparation is to be flexible. If you planned to spend the entire week at the beach and it rains for 7 days straight you can choose to be grumpy or put on a sock monkey smile and see some museums. Any day away from work is a great day - be flexible and enjoy yourself.
7)  This is a two for one tip, be sure to eat right and get some exercise on long trips. To get the best out of your vacation and not feel like a three-toed sloth you should do a little exercise each day and limit excessive eating. I know cheeseburgers for three meals a day is convenient, but unless you have a cast-iron stomach you aren't going to feel good.
8)  Pack smart. When flying, put your plastic baggy filled with the 3.2 oz liquids on the outer-most pocket of your carry-on. Don't be the monkey-head digging around in their bag holding up the entire line. I also put these 6 items (yours may be different) in an outter pocket; sunglasses, asprin, a spare camera battery, a pen, lip balm (I have big monkey lips), and Visine. This way they are easily accessible at any time during the trip.
9)  Personal safety should always be your top concern. Know your surroundings, don't take unnecessary risks and let close friends know where you are.  
10) Try new things. If you happen to be in Clinton Montana during the annual Testicle Festival, why not eat some calf fries. Or if you stop by Pauls Valley Oklahoma around the time of the Catfish Noodling Tournament, go ahead and stick your hand in a catfish's mouth. I'm sure you're asking, does it hurt? Well, that's what you will find out.    
The rest of this is just to cover my cute little monkey butt. I've written a lot material on this site and have given some advice (not legal or medical or particularly good advice, but advice none-the-less). So before you run off to eat Montana Tendergroin or lose your fingers in to a 6 foot catfish, I just want you to remember to use common sense.
First and foremost - don't believe everything you read or much of what you’re told. A GPS device can lead you to a dead end, signs can point the wrong way and sock monkeys can make mistakes giving directions. So this is a good time for me to say - that I’ve made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this site prior to going live. With that said, I do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability or responsibility to any sock monkey, stuffed animal, person or group of the aforementioned with respect to any loss, injury or damage caused by errors, you being a monkey-head, omissions, or any other information contained on this site. In other words, you are responsible for being responsible for you.
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And here is a little legal notice. Throughout my travels I, Socko the Monkey, legally purchased pins, buttons, stickers, hats and magnets to be worn on my fuzzy chest or to cover my mangy bed-head. I am not affiliated, associated, nor do I represent any of these companies, locations, destinations, individuals, or groups. Namely I do not represent the New York Yankees, the Saint Louis Cardinals, Harley Davidson, Coca-Cola, President Nixon, President Reagan, President Bush, Jesse Owens, Eskimos, Area 51 Captured Humans, Catalina Island, the Mollie Kathleen Mine, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Ocean City Maryland, the Salvador Dali Museum, the Mars Land Rover, the Hemmingway House, the US Marshalls, the Lost Sea Cave, Hershey’s Chocolate, Superman, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, any Living History Museum, Buddy Holly, President Eisenhower, the Wizard of Oz, the Muhammad Ali Museum, Walt Disney, New Orleans, the Seashore Trolley Museum, Shakers, Sheriffs, Cape Cod, the Pilgrim Monument, the Mackinac Bridge, the International Wolf Center, the Titanic Museum, Lambert’s Café, the National Park System, the Junior Rangers, Atlantic City, Santa Fe, Space Aliens, Albuquerque, New York, Cheers, Double Deck Tours, South of the Border, North Dakota, South Dakota, Will Rogers for President, Route 66, Oregon, Philadelphia, Dr Pepper, JFK, the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze, UT, Monument Valley, Washington State, Washington DC, the Holocaust Museum, and Freshwater Fury. The legally purchased pins, buttons, stickers, hats and magnets are travel mementos that add a little flair - and nothing more.